Friday, 1 March 2013

Oriflame Mumbai: Destination for Gold Conference 2014 has been announced

Greetings from Bhavana & Ashwin (Oriflame Consultants in Mumbai)

One of the most powerful motivators to work in Oriflame is the Foreign Trip! And finally, the Destination for Gold Conference 2014 has been announced and I want to get way ahead in the game.

Oriflame is a system that pay you even when you are on a holiday! That's the reason someone joins Oriflame in my team I ask them to take some time
and meditate on what you want your life and what you really want to become. You can earn as much as you want and it's easy to do that when you are racing towards your goals.
Give your unlimited potential a chance to really streach and achieve what you always desired.

Today, take your spouse out to eat as a surprise. And while you are at the table share with each other your goals for your future, next 1, 2 or 5 year.
In this precious moment... your mind is creating / painting your future. It's only for a couple minutes, but those minutes will literally change your life.
Once you snapped out of it you can continue to chat about all sorts of fun stuff and this will be the best day together you ever had!

Oriflame offer you the independence to pursue your goals now more than ever before.
The company is reinventing itself every year and due to this the Oriflame business in India is exploding at a pace that we cannot imagine.
The demand for Oriflame Cosmetics and other products so intense that even though thousands of people take Oriflame membership each month still the demand is not being met.

When I meet someone in a social setting I invite them to become a member of the Oriflame family because they have dreams and I'm sure I
can help people who are working directly with me. I will keep share things with you about how to grow your business.

Hoping to connect with you again soon. There are lots of cool offers in the pipeline...I'll share those with you in the next few posts.

So stay toned to my blog!

Ashwin & Bhavna
Oriflame Consultants
Mrs Bhavna Panchal– 9324725887
Mr. Ashwin Panchal – 9322267852

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