Saturday, 2 March 2013

How Oriflame Consultants in Mumbai Manage Time

Dear Readers,
Welcome back to my Oriflame Blog! Today I'm going to talk about Time Management.

How to multitask and find 2 hour a day for your Oriflame Business:
Always keep 2-3 catalogues in your bag and hand it out to people you meet during the course of the day
Reduce your TV time by 1 hour and use it to grow your Oriflame business
Organize a get together to showcase Oriflame products/opportunity 2 times a month
Keep your Oriflame money separate and let it multiply in the bank!
Plan your next day before you go to bed, list all the action you are going to take.
Follow your upline leaders guidance, if she says jump in and do something, then do it! You'll be rewarded for it.
Let your mind be focused on your final goal and take action daily
Before going to sleep, visualize your goals just for 5 minutes! This will pay off big time.

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Your friend, philosopher and guide in Oriflame,

Mrs Bhavna
Oriflame Consultant
Ahdheri, Mumbai, India
About us: Mrs Bhavna is among the top Oriflame dealers in Mumbai, based in Andheri West area and caters to customers all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. She is also a beautician. Ashwin is Bhavna's husband. He is into Interior Decoration. He caters to clients in Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai and few other cities. Ashwin supports Bhavna in her Oriflame business.

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