Saturday, 2 March 2013

Joining Oriflame? Find Out Your Purpose Before You Do!

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I was talking to a lady I ran into while shopping in a mall. She noticed the Oriflame catalogue in my bag and asked if I was into Oriflame. I told her in brief that my name is Bhavna and I am Oriflame Consultant from Andheri West, Mumbai. She said: "I've tried Oriflame Products but I don't know how the business works." I dug a little deeper to find out what she wanted in life - more money, recognition, foreign trip or something else?! When I told her it is important for me to know what people expect out of their Oriflame business so that I can help them achieve it, she told me that she is looking for way to earn as much as her salary by working form home so that she can take good care of children. I assured her that we have a systematic method by which we can help her progress in Oriflame. The fact is, once we know what you want we can put you in motion towards your goals! My Sponsor made me realize, that everyone who becomes a member of Oriflame has a purpose. We have to know the purpose and help them achieve it by suggesting them actions that have been proved to be successful. We can help people in stepping out of their comfort zone, making small changes in their lifestyle that positively impacts their business.
Success is easy in Oriflame if you keep it simple. I guide new Consultants step by step. You just need to be determined and put 2-3 hours in this, that's it. Everything boils down to how bad you want success. The more action you take, the more change you will see. If you have the drive and the passion to do some thing different, to be recognized, etc. you will surly get success. Oriflame is just a hobby or a way to socialize and have fun for many people. It's does not feel like you are doing a serious business! But you can very quickly start making serious money and I can show you every step you need to take to get there.
If you're already in Oriflame, just write down your purpose of joining Oriflame it will help you grow your business. If you want to get started in Oriflame and you are ready to learn, get in touch with me(Bhavna) on 9324725887 or call Ashwin on 9322267852. See you on the inside.

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Your friend, philosopher and guide in Oriflame.

Mrs Bhavna
Oriflame Consultant
Ahdheri, Mumbai, India
About us: Mrs Bhavna is among the top Oriflame dealers in Mumbai, based in Andheri West area and caters to customers all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. She is also a beautician. Ashwin is Bhavna's husband. He is into Interior Decoration. He caters to clients in Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai and few other cities. Ashwin supports Bhavna in her Oriflame business.

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