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Oriflame Business Opportunity - Start making money from day one. (MEMBERSHIP FEES JUST RS. 49/-)


I would like to introduce Oriflame it offers the leading business opportunity for people who want to start making money from day one and work towards fulfilling their personal dreams and ambitions through its unique business concepts – make money today and fulfill your dreams tomorrow.


Oriflame offering skin care, make-up, fragrances, body care, accessories.


Oriflame has approximately 3.6 million consultants and 7900 employees and has product range of approximately 1000 products. The company has global R&D Centre with more than 100 scientists. They have Operations in more than 60 countries of which 11 franchisees.


Here I am inviting you to become a member of the oriflame family because you must have dream to earn good and I am sure I can help you in that and share things with you about how to grow yourself and your business once you become a member of Oriflame.


This is a group of independent oriflame consultants. Become successful with guidance, training, support from seniors.


Join Oriflame or buy Oriflame products (catalogue is available on website –


If interested you can join Oriflame family anywhere in India as a member in just Rs. 49/- (This amount would be your contribution to Deepalaya and discover our unique business opportunity.


Please provide the following details:












Become a member and get commission and gifts!


Please find the details as why to join & how to join Oriflame?



There are many reasons why people join Oriflame India. Read these and find out what attracts you the most!


Ø  Every month Oriflame comes out with a new product Catalogue with exciting new offers. You can check out the Oriflame Online Catalogue or you can download the PDF format.

Ø  You have an opportunity to attend the Oriflame catalogue launch party every month with your family and friends. In this event all the offers of the month are discussed. If you are unable to attend, you can check it out online.

Ø  You can enjoy new & unique beauty products at amazing discounts from the latest Oriflame catalogue every month. 

Ø  You get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends when you join Oriflame family.

Ø  You can earn extra money by making use of your free time or make good use of the time spent in watching TV.

Ø  You can choose your own schedule and working during the time of the day that suit you and your family the most.

Ø  Once you are a member with Oriflame you will have a unique Consultant ID number (your Oriflame Consultant number) which you can use to access member section to place your Oriflame order online.

Ø  Every month when you place your first order with Oriflame you will give 1 free catalogues of the next month.

Ø  You get Welcome Program Gifts for learning how to develop a customer base and placing 100 point order in the first 3 months of joining the Oriflame business opportunity. 

Ø  You can do 150 or more points ever month and qualify for any 1 product of high value at 50% off! 

Ø  You get attractive gifts for introducing others in Oriflame, telling them how to join Oriflame India, completing their joining formalities and supporting them to complete their welcome program.

Ø  You get attractive commissions for communication with your team, supporting, training and developing consultants who join Oriflame in your team.

Ø  You do not need any specific levels of education, experience or financial resources to start your Oriflame business.

Ø  You can join Oriflame and start learning from your sponsor and up line Manager, Senior Manager or Director all the secrets for getting success in Oriflame.

Ø  You get free guidance and support from Oriflame Sales Staff and Customer Service Department if you face any difficulty.

Ø  Oriflame Cosmetics is an established company operating internationally since 45 years! So you can be proud to work with a proven company.

Ø  Oriflame has a proven system that includes methods such as catalogue circulation, home parties, product demonstrations, prospecting and recruiting to build your team and more!

Ø  You can take unlimited online training from Oriflame's website and also you can take unlimited coaching from your upline leaders and from me.

Ø  Oriflame gives you international quality, natural skin care products and cosmetics that people love the world over!

Ø  You shop online from the comfort of your home and get products delivered to your home!

Ø  Once you become a Manager you get special training to enhance your earning potential. A clear purpose gives you faster success. 

Ø  You get access to use Oriflame's cutting edge online technology to communicate with your team. You can send an email or sms to your team from the members section.

Ø  You can have lot of fun while working with Oriflame and attend special events, national and international trips too!

Ø  Oriflame gives you amazing business tools to conduct your business professionally and grow your income get maximum Oriflame membership benefits for yourself.

Ø  Oriflame give you a smart joining Kit once your registration is done. It contains catalogue, consultant manual, skin care guide and forms for joining others.

Ø  Oriflame offers money-back guarantee on all products. If you are not happy with your products, you can return them to Oriflame with the invoice within 30 days and get them exchanged. 

Ø  You can click here to Join Oriflame anywhere in India and get success!



Now a day’s joining Oriflame is very easy. You can join Oriflame anywhere in India from the comfort of your home. You just need to follow just 4 simple steps.

Step1. You need to give your basic information:

  • Full Name (As per bank account)
  • Date of Birth (this is required for your registration)
  • Complete Address with Pin code (on this you will get your Oriflame joining kit and your order (products) by courier
  • Email Id (on this email you will get your Consultant No (login id) and password for
  • Mobile No (On this number you will get regular updates by (SMS)

you can mail me the details on


Step2. You can deposit the joining fee of Rs. 49/- in bank account (will be provided on request) or hand it over to me or my team member. (Membership fees are Rs. 299/- but in special offer in March, 2014 you can join Oriflame in just Rs. 49/-)


Step3. Once you deposit just let me know so that I can give you your Consultant number & password on the same day. Once you get that just go to the website and log into your Oriflame account with your Consultant number and password and click on 'Quick Links - E-learning' and go through the online training. You will get your joining kit which contains Oriflame catalogue, consultant manual, etc. within a week at your mailing address. You can gather your order and the order from friends and relatives and when you are ready to place your first order with Oriflame you can go to and click on 'Quick Links - VIP' and place your order. Still have any query then I am available to guide you.


Step4. If you want to make lots of money in Oriflame then after you join Oriflame you can stay in touch with me, ask me questions and learn from me. I will guide you at every step. Check out the Oriflame membership benefits and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. In your first month you can circulate catalogues, invite others to join Oriflame and start to build your team. More people join in your team the more money you will make.


Feel free to contact me for your growth I will be available to guide you and grow your business.


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Thanks & Regards,

Mrs. Minal S. Patel

Oriflame Manager




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