Thursday, 6 March 2014

How to join Oriflame? VERY EASY - (Membership fees are Rs. 299/- but in special offer in March, 2014 you can join Oriflame in just Rs. 49/-)

Hi, I am Minal, manager in Oriflame in Mumbai. Now a day’s joining Oriflame is very easy. You can join Oriflame anywhere in India from the comfort of your home. You just need to follow just 4 simple steps.

Step1. You need to give your basic information:

  • Full Name (As per bank account)
  • Date of Birth (this is required for your registration)
  • Complete Address with Pin code (on this you will get your Oriflame joining kit and your order (products) by courier
  • Email Id (on this email you will get your Consultant No (login id) and password for
  • Mobile No (On this number you will get regular updates by (SMS)

You can SMS me the above information on 09867479703 or you can mail me the details on


Step2. You can deposit the joining fee of Rs. 49/- in bank account (will be provided on request) or hand it over to me or my team member. (Membership fees are Rs. 299/- but in special offer in March, 2014 you can join Oriflame in just Rs. 49/-)


Step3. Once you deposit just let me know so that I can give you your Consultant number & password on the same day. Once you get that just go to the website and log into your Oriflame account with your Consultant number and password and click on 'Quick Links - E-learning' and go through the online training. You will get your joining kit which contains Oriflame catalogue, consultant manual, etc. within a week at your mailing address. You can gather your order and the order from friends and relatives and when you are ready to place your first order with Oriflame you can go to and click on 'Quick Links - VIP' and place your order. Still have any query then I am available to guide you.


Step4. If you want to make lots of money in Oriflame then after you join Oriflame you can stay in touch with me, ask me questions and learn from me. I will guide you at every step. Check out the Oriflame membership benefits and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. In your first month you can circulate catalogues, invite others to join Oriflame and start to build your team. More people join in your team the more money you will make.


Feel free to contact me for your growth I will be available to guide you and grow your business.


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Thanks & Regards,

Minal Visavadia

Oriflame Manager

Mobile: 09867479703



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