Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fayth Clinic is Now Available Online!

Health Online with Online Fayth

Happy News: Fayth is Online & Your Health is Online!! From now, you can ensure your health just with a mouse click.We bring you perfect features for ensuring the overall wellness.

Wish to have a health checkup?

Want to gift your family, friends and acquaintances with health gifts?

Then here is your opportunity.

No more busy queues. No need to wait for consultation. No more telephone hangup's. Just be in your own place and make your appointments.

Our Features

We have comprehensive medical tests well equipped with cutting edge technologies and systems. With early detection, you could prevent harness of illness and could ensure your wellness. The proper identification and early detection is the foundational key to recover from health problems. That's how we are serving for better healthcare.

Health+ Offers of this month

Complete Health check Up

Complete Health Checkup

Complete health checkup for ensuring wellness without any diaeases or complications.Includes a blood tests,physical examination and imaging methods.

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Cardiac Check up

Cardiac Checkup

Ensure healthy hearts by undergoing Physical examination, Blood tests(CBC), Blood sugar levels, Lipid profile, urea count, creatinine), ECG, 2D echo, Treadmill Test, 24 hrs Ambulatory BP, 24 hrs Holter study, X-ray (Chest)

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Pre Employement  Health Check Up

Pre-employment health check-up

For ensuring health status and well being of the candidate as a part of recruitment process

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Immunization / vaccination

Immunizations / Vaccines

Preventive measures to save your little ones from Meningitis, Pneumonia, Brain damage, Paralysis, Seizures, Deafness

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Ensure your fitness,Ensure your health

Wishing you Happy-Healthy Days

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