Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Know How To Invest In Yourself! Change Your Life @ Right Cosmetic Surgery Center, Mumbai

Right Cosmetic Surgery

Mother Hood is Beautiful!

Here's a Makeover that makes the Mother Beautiful Too!

Reverse the effects of Pregnancy & Child Birth on your Body

Pregnancy, Childbirth & Nursing can take its toll on your body affecting your breasts, tummies, legs and more. In spite of a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, you may fail to get your pre-baby body.

At Right Cosmetic Surgery, Mumbai we provide special Mommy Makeover Packages to get back in shape. It is usually one or a combination of one or more of the procedures listed below

Breast Augmentation

is the right choice if your breasts have lost volume or started sagging more than you like

Breast Lift

offers an alternative method to re-inflate sagging, droopy and poorly shaped breasts

Tummy Tuck

remove excess skin and provide your weak abdominal muscles new life by tightening the abdominal wall. End results are a dramatically flatter stomach and narrower waist.

Fat Removal with Liposuction

effective in removing stubborn fat that doesn't react to diet and exercise

Women should be specific about their
post-baby body goals so that their
surgeon can recommend the most
appropriate procedures.

Remember that no matter how minor some of these surgeries may seem in comparison to other types of cosmetic procedures, it's a serious situation every time you go under the knife. Do your research. Fix up an appointment with our doctors and clear all your doubts and learn everything that you want to know about this makeover!

In today’s society, full of shady cosmetic clinics, we aim to provide reliable beauty solutions with the best possible results. We provide safe and most modern and advanced techniques and all this at very affordable costs. It is our endeavour to enhance your looks so as to give you the satisfaction of being beautiful and the confidence to face the world.

Yes, by now you might be getting ready to banish those baggy clothes and reveal a new you, but you do have a little one (or ones) at home to think about – your health and safety are more important than ever. Make the right decision and, most of all, take care of yourself so you can take care of them.

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Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Our Doctors

Dr.Kiran Naik & Supriya Naik

Dr.Kiran Naik & Supriya Naik

Kiran Naik, Plastic Surgeon, medical training from Grant Medical College, Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals. Achieved top rank in the examination for the sub speciality M.Ch. degree for Plastic Surgery in 1998.

Supriya Naik, M.D. in Gynaecology, specializes in cosmetic gynaecology, genital rejuvenation and hymen reconstructions.

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