Friday, 21 October 2011

How to become Oriflame Agent in India

There are many who wonder how to become Oriflame Agent in India. The reason this happens is because they usually have used Oriflame products and the idea to JOIN ORIFLAME popped up in their head. Looking at the consultant who gave them their Oriflame products you think 'how to become Oriflame member in Delhi?' or which ever city you are from for that matter.

Is Oriflame business for you?
If you like to have a FREE Visit to Stockholm and you have the desire to travel the globe with your beloved without spending any money and you intend to make money in contrast to just spending money on cosmetics, then join my team as an Oriflame Consultant and follow the steps I teach you to become a Manager in Oriflame.

Join Oriflame India and Have fun.....Earn...and...Enjoy!! 
Its fair to become Oriflame member. There are quite a few ways to become a member in Oriflame. First thing is to choose Sponsor who has understood the Oriflame system and is successful. The fact is you can join Oriflame Cosmetics India under any existing consultant. It could be your neighbour, friend or relative and you even can join with a skilled Oriflame Manager. I m definitely one of the numerous Oriflame Manager who has helped most ladies in becoming Oriflame Consultant in Pune, Navi Mumbai, Thane, etc and grow in Oriflame as a Manager themselves. I've also been recognized by Oriflame over and over for my efforts.

Join Oriflame - call 9324725887 

You can provide your personal details for Oriflame online sign-up. If you want to join you can sms your full name, address, mobile no, date of birth and email id on 9324725887 and get into my group. 

Submit your registration fee of Rs 299. If you want you can deposit the fees in ICICI bank. Once you do that you will get your joining kit by courier within a week at your own address. The kit will have a Manual, Catalogue, forms, etc.

When you take Oriflame membership in India it's possible to show the catalogue to your own friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues. You will require 5-10 catalogues because customers prefer to take the catalogue home and go through it at leisure after which place their order in a day or two. 

When ever you place your order you should definitely get 5-10 extra catalogues. We will guide how to place your first order with Oriflame. This may be done online or on phone or by visiting a Oriflame branch You're going to get your products by courier or in person from the branch depending your choice. 

In order to make money Oriflame provides you to be able to develop a part-time or full-time business opportunity. If you decide to join my team and in case you have an interest in in making money I shall guide you step by step on how to make lots and lots of money from Oriflame by working 2-4 hours per day. Teach other women how to become Oriflame member in Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur and other cities and grow your team.

Oriflame Manager

About Bhavna: Bhavna is known as Oriflame Manager. She actually is based in Mumbai and has a network of Oriflame Consultants all over India. She had been recognized by Oriflame repeatedly for her marvelous results.

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