Saturday, 17 September 2011

Join Oriflame Cosmetics

When I joined Oriflame Cosmetics, I had little knowledge about the Oriflame business.

Starting Oriflame was easy. I had my upline Mrs. Jashmi who was guiding me. 
If you have someone who can guide you properly, you get a good start. 

When you join Oriflame cosmetics by filling your Consultant Application Form (CAF), you start an exciting journey with Oriflame. You are on your way to fulfill your dreams with support from your upline and from Oriflame India.

On this journey there are many things you will learn. I will teach you everything step by step when you join Oriflame business. The first thing you need to do when you join Oriflame cosmetics is to make a list of your potential customers.

These are the people whom you can show the Oriflame catalogue. Recommend them products based on their skin type and daily needs. We all buy shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair oil, shower gel, moisturizer, nail paint, lip sticks, etc. once in a month or so.

All we need to do when we join Oriflame cosmetics as a consultant is to buy products that we would have anyway bought, from Oriflame and encourage people in our circle to do so and get some discounts in the process.

Join Oriflame Cosmetics - 9324725887 

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How do you benefit from Oriflame:
You get a commission for educating your customer, guiding them, helping them identifying the right products for solving their problems or fulfilling their needs. Besides commission there are exciting incentives for you. As your guide, I will tell you more about the great incentives that you can take advantage of when you join Oriflame. I will also tell you about the new Welcome Program which you can start as soon as you join Oriflame.

I decided to join Oriflame cosmetics business because of various reasons:
-I wanted to use my talent and creativity in something worthwile 
-I wanted to have an extra income
-I loved cosmetics and had used Oriflame products earlier
-I love the gifts and incentives we get in Oriflame
-I love to buy products form myself and treat myself
-I enjoy shopping online through Oriflame's website. 
-Incredible Offers 
-I wanted to be known for my work and contribution
-Home delivery system
-I wanted to be a Manager
-Recognition and rewards

What is your reason to join Oriflame India
What do you want from life now? 
What are your goals? 
Can becoming a Oriflame consultant help you reach your goals?
Would you like to be your own Boss and get a raise whenever you want? 
Do you want to work either full or part-time to suit your day? 
Do you want to meet and talk with new people everyday,

To join ORIFLAME business anywhere in India call us on 9324725887 

Benefits of Joining Oriflame cosmetics:
Learn more about cosmetics
Earn some extra money! 
Work part or full time, it's up to you!
Have a flexible working schedule 
Choose how much you want to work! 
Start your own business
Develop your business all over India!
Go for exclusive events!

How to join Oriflame cosmetics:
Fill the online form or call us on 9324725887 
You pay your registration fee of Rs 299 in the bank, for your membership.
You get a Starter Kit containing everything you need to get started by courier. 
Show catalogue to friends and family and collect orders.
Invite other to start Oriflame business and develop a team.

Get exciting gifts in your first 3 months of joining.
Following are steps in the welcome program:
75 points in 1st Month
100 points in 2nd Month
125 points in 3rd Month

SMS me your full name, address, pin code, email, mobile no and date of birth or e-mail me the details at 

Once you join the family, we will give you online and offline training. We will give you continuous guidance and assistance until you achieve success.


Oriflame Manager
Ahdheri, Mumbai, India

About us:
Mrs Bhavna is Oriflame Manager based in Andheri West Mumbai. She is also  a beautician. Ashwin is Bhavna's husband. He is into Interior Decoration. He caters to clients in Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai and few other cities. Ashwin supports Bhavna in her Oriflame business.

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